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Skin rejuvenation pulsed light

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Skin rejuvenation pulsed light

Skin rejuvenation is the use of pulsed light for cosmetic treatment of the skin, which can improve skin pigmentation, enhance skin elasticity, eliminate fine wrinkles, improve facial pores, rough skin and dark yellow skin.


from 200.– CHF

Skin rejuvenation

  1. Improve skin spots and age spots
  2. Shrink pores and enhance skin elasticity
  3. Smooth out fine wrinkles
  4. Remove red blood streaks
  5. Improve dark yellow skin and dark circles under the eyes
  6. Eliminate or reduce acne

treatment cycle

The treatment course of skin rejuvenation is 6 times as a course of treatment.

Do treatment once a month. (5-6)

You can choose the course and match according to your skin condition


  1. Deep care, improve skin texture, whiten and tender skin
  2. Local treatment can be selected to solve fine lines, enlarged pores, red blood streaks, stains, dark yellow, etc.
  3. The photon energy is relatively mild, safe and does not leave scars, and does not affect normal life

Care after treatment

  1. After treatment, the skin will have a slight redness and slight burning sensation, which will gradually fade after a few hours after the cold compress
  2. Strengthen moisturizing after treatment
  3. Pay attention to sun protection
  4. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the treatment area