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Beautiful hands and well-groomed nails are a fascination. It prepares daily joy and gives the well-groomed woman self-confidence. And it has become so easy to treat yourself to the pleasure of beautiful nails.

The new gel / acrylics allow permanently beautiful nails, high stability and comfort.

There are no limits to fantasy and inventiveness. Also for you we have a favorite design that expresses your personality even better.


from 170.– CHF

Touch Up

After two to four weeks, the outgrown part of the nail must be filled up due to the postponed static and the unpleasant outgrowth. For this purpose, we shortened for a consistent length of the extended nail accordingly, smoothed the transition to the outgrown natural nail and re-coated with the appropriate plastic and filed into shape.


For sharply shortened nails we offer cosmetic nail protetics.


Immerse yourself in this fascinating and beautiful feeling of permanently beautiful nails.