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Fruit Acid Peeling

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Fruit Acid Peeling

We offer an effective fruit acid peeling cure with Med Beauty products.

The special treatment with the fruit acids of Med Beauty is ideal for the treatment of non-inflammatory acne forms for flattening acne scars and acne spots, impure, dry and sensitive skin and large-pored or coarse-grained skin structure.

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from 125.– CHF

Fruit acid scrubs are particularly effective at:

The fruit acid peeling by Med Beauty offers a treatment concept that delivers very fast and effective results in almost all forms of acne. In addition, age-related and light-induced wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, sun-related pigment spots and age spots are visibly reduced. The fruit acid peeling of Med Beauty also has a positive influence on flabby or pale skin color as well as ingrown facial and body hair.

What is the effect of a fruit acid peeling?

Fruit acid peels or chemical peels remove the uppermost layers of the skin and thereby refine the appearance of the skin. Various substances are used:

  • Fruit acid, amino acid peeling (superficial removal)
  • Salicylic acid scrubs (superficial to middle erosion)
  • Trichloroacetic acid scrubs (medium to deep ablation)

In our case, acne is the fruit acid peeling of Med Beauty with amino acids with a superficial ablation offered, the so-called soft peeling. The benefits of the superficial fruit acid peeling are: Slow, gradual habituation of the skin, very good result, no external restrictions after the treatment. The amino acids of Med Beauty are extracted from the seeds and buds of sugar cane. They are the precursor of fruit acids. These amino acids are the exfoliation system of the 21st century, with the best possible effect and the lowest risk of irritable and visible skin damage, especially in acne.

In a fruit acid peeling by Med Beauty three Caboxlgruppen in the molecular structure of the amino acid ensure that the neutralization of free radicals is three times higher than with normal fruit acids. Selected minerals from the Dead Sea salt are important cofactors in this enzymatic antioxidant reaction. Vitamin C additionally promotes the depth effect of Med Beauty products in the skin. Supported is the formation of hydroxyproline, a precursor of collagen.

In order to achieve the desired result, several treatments are usually necessary.

When should be dispensed with a fruit acid scrub

  • acute herpes infection
  • in inflammatory-altered or sensitive skin
  • after sunburns