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Acne Treatment

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For acne or blemished skin we use the specially developed Gly Clean and Gly Skin Care series from med beauty Swiss for cosmetic treatments.



from 120.– CHF

How does the treatment work?

The blockages of the sebaceous ducts are solved by the ingredients salicylic acid, glycocitro-COMPLEX, chlorhexidine and zinc oxide in the products. The acne-causing bacteria fight Chlrexidine and Glycocitro-COMPLEX.

The inflammations are alleviated in the treatment by vitamin and healing earth, zinc sulfate, and menthol.

Intensive Treatment

Let yourself be pampered by our highly qualified employees in Zurich with a beauty treatment in the nicest ambience and at the same time improve your skin appearance. We show you what is possible with a treatment at GN Cosmetics for acne or blemished skin. Of course, you can also purchase all products without a cosmetic treatment in our Skin Specialist Center in Zurich.

More effective are the treatments combined with:

  • Ultrasonic hydroabrasion
  • High frequency treatment

Combined with ultrasonic hydroabrasion

Treatment additive for every facial treatment. Using sound waves, the impurities are effectively cleaned. Activates the circulation and the lymphatic activity of the skin and refines the complexion in the long term.

We charge additionally for this effective combi 25.-.

Combine with high frequency treatment

Treatment additive for every facial treatment. It reduces inflammation, calms and accelerates the healing of inflamed skin.

We charge additionally for this effective combi 25.-.